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Best Way To Use L6 Link

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What is the best way to use the L6 Links? I have 2 L3S's and 2 L3T's.


The diagram in the manual shows two ways to connect it. The first method shows connecting 2 XLR cables from the Main outs on the M20D and connecting them to the left and right inputs of the first subwoofer. After this you daisy chain the rest of the speakers using L6 links. The second diagram shows simply using one L6 link to the subwoofer and daisy chaing the rest using L6 links.


My question is does it make a difference what method I use? If so, what are the differences?

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If you are using the m20d, the best way is to use the second method you mention. If you don't have an M20d mixer, then the first method is the best way.


M20d and all stagesource speakers = L6 link from the board and all around.


No M20d = L& R analogue to the first sub, and then L6 the rest of the way.

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Digital-sound is right. I'd also like to point out that using L6 link as he described maintains optimal signal integrity, as it is a digital signal, less susceptible to analog interferences that may occur. Plus, one less cable.


As an aside, using an all L6 linked system also makes readjusting your setup from the M20D possible in the "Managing L6 Link Devices" menu. Plus, when a StageSource series speaker is assigned to an M20d output, the audio from the speaker’s analog input is mixed with and transmitted through the speaker for added flexibility.

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