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hx stomp expression question


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I bought hx stomp 2week ago.

with midi controller it's just best multi pedal what i've ever used


Now I need external pedal and switch and i'll buy dvp4 expression pedal for whammy or wha 



but here is problem

someone says I have to use trs-ts cable for hx stomp, and someone says i can use trs-trs too (he says in trs-trs case, setting has to be chaged)


what i have to use for expression cable?

trs-ts or trs-trs?



and another question

some cable has trs - ts,ts (so.. it has 2 output)

in this case, if I connect expression pedal and external footswitch each one, is it work together??



plz reply to help for me

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I'm using a cable like this:


Successfully connecting the m-audio ex-p plus a foot switch to the stomp (exp4/fs5). The ex-p is TRS out. IIRC both TRS and ts work as cable for the footswitch.


I can also connect the ex-p directly to the input without the y cable, but IIRC it only works with exp4 not exp5 that way.


As the Y cable is dual TS female I think it is forgiving in regards of TRS or TS cable.

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