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Multiple tunings and string gauges


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I've had a skim through the forum and I can't see the answers to my questions so thought i'd ask, apologies if these have been asked elsewhere.


1) Can I us multiple tunings at once?

I cover guitar and bass duties at the moment in my band and currently run 2 different route things on my helix with one pitchshifted down an octave.  Can I have 2 different tunings from the variax?  If not does the data cable carry both the variax AND magnetic signals which I could then split off?  Basically what's the easiest way of getting a bass tone and guitar tone at the same time.


2) Can I use thicker strings?

 I've seen someone mention about not using string gauges over 11's.  My preference is to run 13's in drop c on a standard guitar and I'd like to keep the same feel as I don't like thin strings.  I was going to have the guitar set up to drop c with 13's on.  Would this be a problem?  Anyone done it?  

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1a) Not simultaneously. You will have to switch between them. Workbench HD can be used for custom patches to be tuned to what you need for a particular song. Stevic McKay of Twelve Foot Ninja and creator of the Shuriken and Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye Blind (with his orange JTV-69) do custom patches like that.  ---  1b) VDI cable does both Model and magnet signals at the same time. But there is a "magnetic blend" one can make use of as a Workbench custom patch.  ---  1c) In Workbench HD, the detune function is +/- an octave, if I recall. 


2a) Yes, I'm  the one that recommends not going beyond 11 gauge. I'm the guy at Line 6 that services JTV, Standard and Shuriken guitars. Some have pushed it to 12 gauge, and is not easy to maintain good and stable set-up on the guitar with tension like that. ---   2b) Optimum string-to-piezo contact area pressure is key for the vibration to signal transfer. 9 to 11 is the range, it's design for 10-gauge to be the optimum gauge.  ---   2c) Yes, a few have tried it, it resulted in problems, so they went back to 10 or 11gauge. Some were replacing piezos all to oftenas the excessive pressure wore into the piezo cap casing, damaging the piezo. Seen those come across my bench, not pretty.


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That's a shame.  I did a bit of digging and saw I could do the mag and the piezo at the same time but if I can't physically drop tune the guitar itself then that's that idea out of the window!  


I guess I could  use a pitch effect on the mag itself and have the variax do the bass but then I'm essentially running 2 lots of pitch shifting and feel like that could descend into a warbly mess

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On 8/17/2021 at 5:08 AM, Violettes said:

I’m currently using Elixir Custom 11-52 on my Taylor 414 and 12-54 Martins on a backup guitar. My current plan is to put a Tronical on the Taylor and still carry the backup hoping I never need it.
So if you had to go with one guitar for everything, what strings would you choose? Is there anything else you would want as well ?


You're trying to bridge two very different worlds here. These are solid body electric guitars we're taking about... comparing string guage preferences to what's typically used on acoustic guitars is pointless...they're completely different animals.

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