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Helix Native crashing DAWs

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After searching online for info others have on Helix Native crashing DAWs, I found very little on the subject.


On my older desktop rig, Helix Native runs fine in my DAWs (Cubase, Reaper and Cakewalk by Bandlab).


However, on my newer MSI laptop, Helix Native worked ok for a good while, like a couple of weeks of running it every day, and then for no apparent reason, started to crash when attempting to open it on an already existing track, or when trying to load a new instance on a track.  Projects saved with Helix Native previously added would open, and Helix Native would work, as long as I didn't click on the Helix Native to try to open it to make a patch change or something. The DAW (it didn't matter which one) would instantly crash.


I did several uninstall-reinstalls of Helix Native, and of Reaper and Cakewalk. I did registry edits to delete helix native entries there after uninstalling.


The problem remains.


Again, it is interesting that my desktop has never had a problem. It's an older Asrock MB Z87 board running a core i7 with 16gb ram.  The laptop is a newer core i7 running 32gb ram.


The DAWs all work as they should on both computers.


Out of all the other guitar plugins I use (Amplitube, Guitar Rigs, and TH3, I like the basic sound of Helix Native the best, like the amp emulations.


I am doing more mobile sessions and need to have Helix Native run on the laptop.


Any suggestions or solutions? Maybe get an older version of Helix Native? I'm trying to use the latest one (3. something).





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As you suggested, try a different version of reaper.


Try running it in administrator mode.


Check windows update to see if it has downloaded a different hardware driver.


See if there are new drivers for you machine in Device Manager.

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I have tried all the suggestions in this thread, and a couple of suggestions emailed to me to try to help resolve the crashing issue of Helix Native in Windows DAWs, including Reaper,, Cakewalk and Cubase.


So far I have had no success getting Helix Native to work on my laptop (with no SD card installed, and the computer's only drive (the internal SSD) showing up as Drive 0 on the first line of the CMD prompt's listing.


All other plugins are running without issue. I have given up on trying to get Helix Native to work on the laptop.


Since it works on my desktop, the next question is, Do I need to have two licenses of Helix Native in order to get it to qwork on the laptop? My own answer is no, because it initially ran fine on the laptop when I first got it (June 2021) and installed Cakewalk and Reaper etc on it, without any warnings about demos or time limits.


Thanks for everyone's help.

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14 hours ago, Bingit said:

Do I need to have two licenses of Helix Native in order to get it to qwork on the laptop?



No, you simply need to authorise the laptop to allow it to run HX Native.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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I have not used Helix Native other than the limited trial but there was a similar issue at the time where it would crash before the interface would come up and it didn't seem related to the SD card thing. I don't know if it was the DAW's fault or Helix Native. It was stuck in some state where it thought it was authorized but wasn't. That prevented the UI from working and maybe the DAW expected something different. If you shut off your internet connection and then attempted to use it, the login screen would pop up asking for a re-auth. You could turn your connection back on, re-auth and then it would work. Last ditch attempt I guess.

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I got Helix Native to not crash my DAWs on my new laptop after trying a myriad of suggested solutions.


The one that worked for me was to delete the User file for Helix Native (I just today saw this solution in a forum somewhere, and don't remember where, sorry):


C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Line 6


Of course, your username is not going to be "username."


Delete the Folder named Line 6


Then, I uninstalled Helix Native.

Then I restarted the computer (an MSI Summit E14). 

 installed Helix Native with default folder assignments.

 I ran my DAW (in my case, Cakewalk by Bandlab) and opened same project I have been every time for testing Helix Native.

Next, I double clicked on the Helix Native plugin, which was already in this project. Normally at this point it would crash the DAW, but this time, it did not! Hallelujah!!

Next, I registered HN by logging into my account at Line 6 as the prompt asked me to.

Next, I saw the HN window behaving without crashing anything.


I tested opening and closing various porjects, all which had HN running on at least one track.  No crashes with either opening existing instances or putting new instances on new tracks!


So it looks like my problem is solved. Now the laptop has my go to guitar plugin with my go to DAW.






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Helix native 3.11 crashes protools 21.7.0 Ableton 11.6 and cubase 11.0.30.

Mac mini intel 2018 3.2 6 core 32 gig ram Big Sur i7

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