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Pod X3 Pro: Can Either (or Both) Of The Unprocessed Outs Be Turned Off Via Midi Preset?

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Been using a POD Pro for years, love it!  Recently though, I've been tinkering with a more flexible system that incorporates a 5150 half stack (the old Peavey two-channel model).  The 5150 receives its input from the unprocessed out of the POD and I use a Rockman Midi Octopus to control the channel switching on the 5150.  I like mixing the dry 5150 tone with POD stereo sounds (running through a Peavey stereo tube power amp into two Marshall 4x12s).


The limitation I'm running into right now is that I can't cut the unprocessed out on the POD for patches where I don't want any signal to the 5150.  This would mainly be when I play completely clean and only want the sound to come from the POD (I don't care much for the clean sound on the 5150).


The POD X3 Pro has two unprocessed outs.  Can either, or both, be turned on/off and saved to a midi preset?

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