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So, I'm thinking about putting a WIF router in my rack to allow me wireless control of my X32 and DMXIS lighting controller.


I will be getting a dual band router and turning off the 2.4Ghz band.


Will there still be an issue with the 5.8Ghz transmitting in proximity to the XDV75, 70, and 55 I have in the rack?

Also, of note, their antenna are daisy chained together and connected to a P180 paddle??





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Hi Jim,

So you will be using the 5Ghz to operate your x32? That will be a workable situation I think. However, I still would make sure that the antennas of the router and your line6 equipment are sufficiently far apart. However, as you're talking about P180 paddles I think this is the case. So in short, I think it will work.


Just to state why I think so: I do run an x32 rack from a 5Ghz router in combination with line 6 70 and 75. I even put my 5Ghz router just on top of my 19 inch case. In that case, the distance between the line6 antennas and the router is slightly over 30cm. Definitely not ideal, and I'm always close to my equipment. But given that this works, I'm pretty sure you will get it working as well.




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As long as you keep your paddles well away from the router antennae, you should be OK.

Don't forget that sometimes where you point the null of the P180 paddles is  more important than where you aim the front of them. Always check the status of the receiver LEDs with all transmitters switched off but the WiFi stuff switched on. That'll show you any potential issues.

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