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HD500 Setup Menu Glitch


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My HD500 has developed a state where it jumps to the System & IO menu randomly and although everything works processing wise it can be impossible to edit patches or jump to different patch banks as the System screen flicks back. The odd thing is that it doesnt do it all the time and lots of changes to footswitches or the menu can get it back to normal. I was wondering if this was a common issue and if it was worth investigating to get it fixed? 

All answers gratefully received.



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I have never heard anyone with an HD unit experience this problem, I've seen this kind of thing in other electronics with "button" type switches.   What is fairly common in general is that dirt and liquids can get into a switch or potentiometer and cause strange behavior.    See if you can isolate the behavior to one or several switches, and if so, find some tuner/electronics cleaner (like what you would use to clean a guitar pot) and spray into the offending switch(es).

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On 8/4/2021 at 5:41 PM, ashrael72 said:

I’m experiencing the same issue as Jon with my HD500. I pulled it out of storage recently and the system & IO menu problem started (it had no issues when I packed it up a few years ago) I’m also unable to download the “Monkey” software to my new computer, making it impossible to update the HD500. It seems Line6 is not supporting this “older” equipment. (Which is unfortunate, because it would still be a good alternative when you can’t mic an amp at a gig) …sorry Jon no answers for you, just having the same problem. If anyone figures it out, let us know. 

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