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My volume pedal is upright and when I change presets it turns the new preset on at 100% unless I move the pedal. Kind of like to activate it.  When playing live this is not good for obvious reasons please help. What do I need to do. It also does the opposite on some presets if it’s all the way down to 100% when I change preset the new preset will have no volume till I move the pedal to activate 

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Hi xchefdino, 


When saving a preset, all blocks and their parameters are saved. So if you save a preset with the volume block at 5%, it will recall at 5% every time you select that preset, regardless of the position of the expression pedal. I recommend that you save each preset with the volume block at the desired level for the preset. 


Additionally, to have even more control with the volume block, you can set minimum and maximum values for the volume level parameter. With the Volume block selected, press and hold Knob 1 until the screen changes, then make adjustments to the min/max values. 

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