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Blocks DSP requirements overview?


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Has anyone seen an overview over the DSP requirements for each block of effects?


Just moving down from a Helix LT to the Pod Go this has suddenly become an important thing when building my sounds as it runs out of DSP pretty fast.


As an example, If I have a delay and choose the Ganymede Reverb I can't have a distortion as well until I change to de Plate reverb. It would be nice to know which effects are DSP heavy and which are not.





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See here!


Kinda silly that this info didn't come from L6, and had to be painstakingly analyzed and generated by a user (Ben Vesco, thanks!!!!).


Just noticed at the end:



POD Go Amp Costs: All POD Go amp costs are the additional cost above the cheapest amp or preamp block.
Pro Tip: If you do not want to use an Amp block in your preset, assign it to the Del Sol 300 preamp model and deactivate the block. This will maximize DSP power available for other processing.

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I keep seeing requests for DSP info and I can't understand why Line 6 won't show DSP usage in Pod Go or Helix. See here:



line 6's response on this is frankly ridiculous, ditto their response to taking off the training wheels on Pod Go and not adding more flexibility by allowing one or two additional blocks and releasing the amp model from being a fixed block so users (especially if they want some patches as a pure stomp box board with no need for amp/cab)  can have more effects and/or higher DSP effects in their chain.  


I understand completely that when Pod Go was initially designed & launched, Line 6 had a set view for its place in the market. But things have moved on in leaps & bounds - not just user understanding/savvy driven by youtube, forums, experience etc, but the market is fast changing too and competitors are cottoning on to all this. For example, Mooer, NUX, Zoom (G6/G11) all now show DSP usage in their latest MFX units. 


So, as per the post, please go onto Ideascale and vote for all the improvements you'd like to see. 


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