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Pod go to Combo Amp


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Hi this is Lucas, a new user to the multi-effects.

Here is my question: i want to connect the pod go to my Marshall dsl5c combo amp but use the pre-amp from the pod go and use my combo amp as a cab only.


 I saw people connected the pod go with one cable, from the main out of pod go connect to the fx return of the amp. However, when I tried it, there is no sound coming from the amp. Can anyone kindly tell me what happened?


Thank you so much in advance.

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Why don't you just use the four cable method in the manual?  There is no advantage to a single cable into the amp, only disadvantages, such as the one you have discovered above, which is not getting sound when the FX loop block is on.


Wired up four cable method, when the fx loop is ON, it will be sending out the signal to your preamp of your combo amp. WHen it's off, it will bypass that and you can use the modelled amps.   If you get no sound, and you turned OFF THE PodGo PRESET'S FX BLOCK then you wired your cables up wrong. Check them.  If you can't figure it out, draw a picture and post the picture. 


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