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Can't decide what's right. Stomp or XL.


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Hi all, I'm curious about Stomp users and your opinions of the "lack of extra foot switches". Do you find just three is restrictive or is it just fine for most uses? After getting the Stomp, do you wish you went for the XL?


I don't play live, this is just fun screwing around. My son plays live, but doesn't use a lot of pedals and prefers very simple rigs. He typically uses my gear. His personal amp is the AmpOne (amazing amp btw....) and either the Stomp or Stomp XL would be great. I'm just trying to understand from Stomp users what their take is on three switches and if that causes problems. Should I just suck it up and go with the XL? Idk....maybe I should just do nothing and practice more...


Then, if there are any XL users out there that find the extra controls a huge value, let me know. My skill definitely does not warrant any of this stuff, but I also hate having gear that leaves me wishing for something better. Maybe there's some element about the XL that helps players learn how to play faster through electric foot shock... maybe there are other reasons to go with the XL???




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If the higher cost and larger size are of no issue, go with the Stomp XL. The additional footswitches and features of the Stomp XL will certainly be a wonderful platform to start. FWIW, I have the Helix Floor and added an HX Stomp (with an inexpensive 2 footswitch add on) several years later; simply due to the tiny form factor and ease of use. The XL had not yet been released; if it had been I would have gone with the XL for the additional Footswitches.

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I had a Stomp. I wanted something for a tiny Pedaltrain Nano+ pedalboard to replace multiple individual pedals and pair with my existing drive pedals. I was expecting to use this in front of my real amp and allow the Stomp to also be there as an emergency backup rig.


I found I was always 1-2 switches away from being as small and flexible as I wanted to be. I returned it and went for the XL. It has now replaced all of the pedals in front of my amp including drive pedals and I'm not looking back. I haven't bought or been interested in looking at another pedal in months.  The XL is great.

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10 hours ago, adagosto said:

Do you find just three is restrictive or is it just fine for most uses?


As always, it depends:

  • when I play bass, the 3 footswitches is enough
  • when I play guitar, I need more options, so I'd add small external footswitches or an expression pedal as needed for the particular project I'm at
  • in both cases, size and modularity matter

I can always expand the Stomp when I need it.

But I cannot cut off the footswitches from an XL if I wouldn't need them.


11 hours ago, adagosto said:

After getting the Stomp, do you wish you went for the XL?


When the XL was released, at no time I had the feeling that I made a "bad choice" by buying the "regular" Stomp last year. In other words, something like the XL never was on my radar in the first place because too big…

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I go between guitar and bass. After using the GO for about a year, I decided to move to the XL....I thought about the stomp also but needed a bit more control. I managed to fit the whole thing in an old BCB-80. Really happy with the results. 

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I started with an hx floor (which I love) but some gigs it's too big with my other pedals needed...


Then I went to the hx stomp which allowed for smaller pedal boards (and I used two extra foot switches hooked up to it)


When the XL came out, I bought that to replace the hx stomp.  With the extra hx stomp switches built in to the unit, the unit feels and operates much more like the hx floor.  I typically have four tones for about 90% of the songs we play and that means, just like with the floor, I am one stomp away from any of those tones.  I like how the hx stomp can quickly go up and down in sets of (4) tones like the floor model.


So what I am trying to say is there is a huge upgrade in features and use from the stomp to the stomp xl.



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