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Can I load my neural dsp presets onto my pod hd500x?


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I have been using plugins almost exclusively now, and it's been annoying me having to manually switch presets. So I asked around and I was told I could use a pod hd500x to switch between presets on my plugins. So I bought one used and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do it. I'm hoping, that someone here can help me out?


the plugins I use are neural dsp plugins, if that's needed info

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Loading presets from Neural to HD500 is an outlandish idea. Not possible. 


But you can use HD500 to send MIDI and Neural supports receiving MIDI. 


But then buying HD500 just to control Neural with MIDI is big overkill. 


On top of this, HD500 has old USB drivers that are not stable on most modern system's, so you would be better off buying some other MIDI controller with better drivers. 

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