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Warmoth-built (h-s-h) Demo With Pod Hd500-presets


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Hi all,


After playing my first Warmoth (H-S-H) guitar for two months and gaining some experience now (rehearsals, gigs, 3 days studio recording, nuddle around etc.), I have made a demo-review on it.

All-in-all: I am very impressed about the quality, its awesome tonal variety and stellar beauty of this guitar.


I recorded the three audio examples I have used in the demo-review with my POD HD 500. Here are some infos on the presets.


Emotive Ballad (Guthri Govan):

- Fender Twin Reverb Full amp model and church reverb (1st part)

- Marshall Plexi Lead Full amp model, church reverb and different amp drive and tube compressor levels controlled with an expression pedal (2nd part)


Power Of Love (Huey Lewis & The News):

- JCM800 Full amp model with a screamer for the distorted Rhythm guitar part

- Fender Twin Reverb Full amp model for the clean Rhythm guitar part

- Soldano Lead Full amp model with a screamer for the Lead parts


Tush (ZZ Top):

- Marshall Plexi Lead Full amp model and the blue comp treble boost for the distorted Rhythm part

- Marshall Plexi Lead Full amp model, the blue comp treble boost and a Jumbo Fuzz for the Lead parts



Hope you like it:



Any thoughts ???



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very nice playing and great demo of the capabilities of both the POD and your awesome guitar...  Sweet!


Hi radatats,


thanks for your kind feedback :)


Here is another (high quality studio) recording I have made in January with my Cover Rock Band for marketing purposes. I have arranged this Doobie Brothers-song for our Band line up.


I recorded this song in the studio with:


- this Warmoth-built guitar in position 5 + 2, but in parallel wiring of the Bridge and Neck humbucker (instead of coil splitting).

Also pretty Stratocaster-like IMO. (The Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups have great coil splitting AND parallel wiring capabilities as well.)


- a POD HD 500 with:

  - BF Double Normal channel (Fender Twin Reverb) Pre amp model (my favourite amp model for clean tones)

  - Wheeper Wah-Wah (Mix = 60%, POS: 5 - 70 %)


- a DT50 Head with:

  - Marshall JVMC212 cab

  - Radial JDX Reactor DI-Box (not the Direct Out of the DT50-Head)



It grooves like hell to me (who are Doobie Brothers  ??? ;) ). Pretty long - some patience needed:



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Hey bjnette,


thanks for your great feedback!


I consider this Warmoth-guitar as an awesome enhancement of my existing guitar rig. But it is just one part of it.


The other parts  - DT50-Head and the POD HD 500 - are still in the important in the same way for Live-events and recordings (home and studio).



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