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Small speaker(s) for living room with HX Stomp


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Can anyone recommend some small speakers for use with the HX Stomp in a living room?


I have a PowerCab I use with a full Helix out of the way but this is too much for the living room.


I am looking for some some suitable speakers that could be used with a line in or bluetooth for music as well as connection to the HX Stomp.



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The JBL LSR305 and LSR308 are outstanding for their price point. Keep in mind that these are designed for use as near field monitors -- not home stereo bookshelf  speakers. These are rear ported and best positioned a short distances from rear walls and corners. 

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Depends on the size of you room but I think you can find a small powered monitor that will work. Like this monitors&index=2


I just randomly picked that. Not a recomendation. Many of them have bluetooth so look out for that if you want it.


I have these. monitors&index=14


They're relatively expensive but they are small, I use them in my relatively small living room for regular listening, they have bluetooth and they are very portable. I often take them on vacation with me.

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