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Helix ground hum when multiple amps connected


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apologies if this has been asked before!

I am trying to run my helix as a front end to 3 separate amps. But when I have them all connected I get a ground loop hum.I have to unplug all the unused cables to make it disappear.


My current setup consists of the following,

Mesa Roadster combo 4cm through effects loop 1 and 1/4 out hard panned left

Marshall Sv20 stack 4cm through effects loop 2 and 1/4 out hard panned right

fender deluxe reverb no effects loop so effects loop 3 Send into amp input


i have them al set to different presets as I only play them individually..

all amps and helix are on the same power extension.

all amps are connected with brand new planet waves  American stage cables.


I don’t gig anymore so just want to be able to play any amp i want without unplugging any cables.


I was hoping someone would know any tricks as I don’t want to have to buy multiple hum eliminators and additional cabiles for 3 amps.


any help will be very much appreciated 




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1 hour ago, KBsoloman said:

I don’t want to have to buy multiple hum eliminators and additional cabiles for 3 amps.



I don't want to pay for beer... but every time I try and walk out of the store with a free sixer, the cops show up... what to do, what to do? ;)


You need an amp switcher... there are numerous options, but this one should solve your ground loop issues.



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An AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) is the best way I know to protect your gear AND eliminate ground loops (At least the initial step). Basically, power ground loops will not happen across a transformer. So if you isolate your power and plug all of you audio gear in the AVR, then any ground loops you find will be caused by your gear. Then you can fix those loops safely and properly if you have any....Much easier to run down and isolate those sort of problems when power is isolated. You might actually need and eliminator on signal on one amplifier.


When I toured I carried a Furman AR15...An AVR is going to keep you within a few volts of 120v...While a power conditioner is nice for surges/spikes/ESN/EMN etc...Basically, I learned about this when I was using an ADP MP-1 back in the 80s and some venues have crazy power...gets too low and the ADA will reset....Not fun during a show...


Since I don't tour anymore, I generally just carry a Tripp Lite LC1200...You might need an LC1800 for 3 amplifiers...good to have some headroom so the low voltage condition can handle the amperage...I use these at home too as they are very cost effective.


anyhoo, good luck.

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