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External pedals with Stomp (no need for more switches?)

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Hello all, looking for some use case help....


Some of the bigger complaints about the Stomp are with the lack of a bunch of foot switches and with only three, you're kinda limited. But when you start adding external pedals to the chain, does that effectively mitigate that complaint?


So for me, I think of the Stomp as a upgrade M9 with the addition of amp modeling. Totally cool. I would probably continue using at the very least my Medusa chorus/tremolo pedal and probably my delay pedal, maybe also a drive pedal.


So with that in the chain, does that reduce the need for the Stomp to have more than three foot switches or not so much?? I guess I can't quite picture this thing in use so much...


Clearly using external pedals will reduce the need for DSP, so there's an added benefit.



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Does the effect have a button? Then yes. Maybe.

Do you want to control the effect in combination with other effects? That requires Snapshots, maybe MIDI (if it has MIDI), and inserting the effect in an FX Loop, so maybe.

Depends entirely on your specific use case.


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Ok really good point. 


Yeah I'm not good enough to justify any of this stuff and the way I have used it in the past was simply on/off kinda things. So, in my case I might have three external pedals and I'd want to simply turn those on and off as needed. Then, the Stomp would be used for turning on and off the Stomp pedals such as a compressor or Phaser or EQ pedal. I've typically thought of these units as simple stomp boxes. I know that very limiting in my thinking, but that's largely because I don't understand the more advanced applications....why? Did I mention I'm not good enough to justify any of this fun stuff!!


So as my skill grows I expect to learn more.



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