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3M Dual Lock woes


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Does anyone else have massive trouble getting 3m dual lock to lock?


I have a ton of trouble pushing it down and making it stick.


It may be that the helix for instance and the Pedaltrain may be bending a bit, but even on stuff like expression pedals it can be hard to get it to lock for me

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Dual Lock is a much more "mechanical" connection than standard velcro. It takes some force, especially if there are multiple pieces and row alignment is off a bit, and the more you use the more force is required to get it all engaged. First recommendation is to use less. I put three rows of 2-inch on my Helix and it is massively overkill and it is a nightmare removing it from the board. Aside from that, try starting on an edge as opposed to trying to press the whole thing straight in. If you can reduce how many rows you are trying to engage at a time, less force is required.

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