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Dreaded Blown Diode on Variax 700 (2003)

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EDIT: After reading a bit more I wonder if it's even fixable. Does it help that I purchased this gear new and registered it with Line 6 17 years ago? 

Ive read enough here and looked in the compartment to know my diode is toasted. I'll be calling the nearest authorized service center first thing or maybe Calabass if needed. My 700HT was made in Japan and i bought it new in 2003. it's a fine instrument and I'd put it up there with my vintage Les Paul's and Strats for build quality and playability.


The VDI still works but I've lost the 1/4". After troubleshooting today and reading here I was bummed. I use it way more than I ever imagined and it's a lot more comfortable than having a Les Paul hanging off your shoulder all night. 


- Do they just replace the diode or replace the board? 
- I suppose it would be asking too much for L6 to tell us the diode specs? Seems like a simple repair I could source locally. I understand current gear being protected but this is long discontinued. 
- Is there any retrofit available where you swap the innards of original Variaxs to newer electronics? Ive played the new guitars and my 700 is better. Eventually these original electronics will fail and I don't want to give up this guitar. I'll figure something out when that happens even if I have to router in pickups! 
- The 9v connector to the battery holder is too short especially fiddling around in the dark at a gig. I never knew it was so perilous if you attempted to reverse connect the pack. Anyone done an extension of that cable? 



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Thanks much Psarkissian. I received great news today! They can repair my guitar which is fabulous. I have no idea if being an original registered owner has anything to do with it but I'm thankful it can be repaired. I'll have to be super careful in the future and obviously need to make some long term retrofit plans but for now I'm happy as can be! 

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What's the best way to ship a guitar? Just take it to UPS and let them help select a box/packaging? I'd almost want to ship it in the gig bag that came with the guitar when I bought it but I know they don't want that. 

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