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Helix Rack and FCB1010 with EurekaProm v2.0


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Aquired a Helix Rack a few months back for the studio. I’m in love! I got a bro deal on a Fcb1010 midi foot controller with an Eurekaprom v2.0 chip. I’ve read treads with the UNO chip which has different menu settings, and one with the EurekaProm v3.2 chip. That tread he stated that he mimicked the helix controller as best he could with presets, snapshots, looper, tap tempo and tuner. 


I have reached out to Dave at Eurekasound and he said the V2.0 is perfect for programming the helix through the PP mode and many have done it.  The updates in Versions 3.0+  are geared more for fractal/Kemper.


My question is how the hell do I program this thing? MIDI language hurts my brain. I have the setup instructions from EPROM, but I need help on the helix side. As of now I have 5 main presets with 4 snapshots each,  I’m not to concerned with stomps at the moment, I got the sounds dialed in at studio. I need a video, or someone to hold my hand through the process. Any help would be awesome!!

And I know the Helix controller would solve all these problems but I’m a father of 5 daughters and have a gear budget. the controller is $600 CAD, and they do not come up used without a helix attached. Again thank you!! 



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