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Helix firmware update fail: manual update mechanism?


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I'm trying to update my helix floor from 2.8 to firmware 3.11. I have updated HX Edit to the latest version. HX and it notifies me that there is an update for helix. I follow the prompts and it always ends in the following error message:

HX Edit Failed to download firmware update file. Please check your Internet connection and try again. Unknown Error code -2004

I'm not having any Internet connection problem including with other line 6 applications. In fact, the emergency is that I have driven a long way to get to a good Internet connection so that I wouldn't have any problem with that… But since there seems to be some problem, Is there a manual workaround if the automatic update procedure is not working for some reason?



OK, so the emergency is over… I just sat here and did it a couple hundred times until it figured out how to do the download correctly. I also swapped out mechanisms like the USB cable etc.  The topic is still important to me though in case I ever run into this again :-) Any answers would be greatly appreciated regarding how to manually do what HX Edit it does automatically for me, but cannot always do for some reason.



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Sorry to hear the problems you encountered, but glad to know you got matters sorted out.


Ordinarily, HX Edit works wonderfully. If however, it fails to do as it should, use the Line 6 Updater. Line 6 Updater will allow you to install all of the deliverable software components. However, you will need to be sure that after you first backup any of your custom presets, you uninstall all Line 6 related software including drivers from your system to be sure you are working from a clean slate. This pertains to a PC. I don't use Apple stuff so you're on your own there. 


The current version of HX Edit is far superior in handling the necessary housekeeping chores as it prompts you to perform the backup, downloads and installs all current drivers and software and firmware. 


Hope you're good to go now, and when the next firmware drop hopefully you won't have any problems. Of course, having stable Internet Connectivity during the login and download steps is essential. Also be sure to use the USB Port closest to your PC's main power connection and the Line 6 provided USB cable with the inline RF Choke.

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20 hours ago, leejo said:

Any answers would be greatly appreciated regarding how to manually do what HX Edit it does automatically for me, but cannot always do for some reason.


I’m sorry to hear about your troubles when trying to update your Helix via the new “automatic” method. I fully realise that not everyone has a stable internet connection, or issues with intermittent WI-FI connectivity. Don’t panic, because you can always download the software and install the updates offline.


You don’t mention what your computer and OS are, but I will guess Windows plus the same routine should be the same for Mac.




Now go to the "DOWNLOADS" menu at the top of this page and from  "-ALL HARDWARE-" select HELIX then go to  the "-ALL SOFTWARE-" menu item and select HX EDIT, now select your Windows system or Mac OSX from under the "-ALL OS-" tab, the click “GO”. From the next page you can select the latest version of HX Edit for your HELIX . Then you will also need the latest version of Firmware Flash Memory. Also on this page you should find the latest version of Line 6 Updater - you will need this too.


Download all these items to your computer and note where they are. 




  1. Remove all the previously installed Line 6 software from your computer especially the Windows drivers and then restart your computer.
  2. Make sure to turn off the power to your HELIX.
  3. Unplug the USB cable from the computer and HELIX.



Ensure that HX Edit is definitely closed and that you have your HELIX reconnected to your PC by USB cable (do not use a hub, some front USB ports on PCs act like a hub) and hold down Foot Switches “6 & 12” while turning the power on. This puts your Helix into “Safe Boot Mode” (You may see a black screen, but keep going).


Now, launch the Line 6 Updater Utility and select "Offline Mode". Your HELIX and current firmware version should now show up in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a local file - point it at the Flash Memory file you downloaded and let it get on with the update. When it finishes, allow your hardware to rebuild the presets which may take a few minutes.


When it completes you can install the new HX Edit v. X.XX software and you should be good to go. You can now re-install your backup presets if you wish.


Here’s a list of reset options for your Helix unit.


Reset Options


Helix Floor/LT

Button Combination



LED light Fun

3 & 4

Test Mode

5 & 6

Global reset

7 & 8

Reset setlists to factory, Keep IRs

8 & 9

Reset setlists to factory, Clear IRs

9 & 10

Reset setlists to factory, Global reset, Clear IRs

10 & 11

Upgrades existing presets to latest format

11 & 12

Clear current preset

5 & 12

Clear setlists, clear IRs, Return system settings to default

6 & 12

Safe boot mode

To use Reset Options:

  • Power off the Helix
  • Hold the desired button combination
  • Power on the Helix
  • Release the button combination


Please note: Buttons are numbered from top left to bottom right.



No guarantees are given or implied, you do this at your own risk. If it doesn’t work, raise a ticket with Customer Support.


Hope this helps/makes sense


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