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HX Stomp input B


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So i know i can run two guitars into the Stomp using the two inputs. And i know i can split those paths into path A and B. But is there any way to make an input path B. Specifically, input A using 1/4 inch main, and input B being USB. I know i could route this easy with a Helix or an LT but for now i just have the Stomp. Any suggestions?

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'fraid not.

Since USB goes straight to the Main Outputs, you can mix the two, or by routing the Input to Path B and sending that out to the SENDS you can send the signals to two separate Output devices. But if you want the USB signal to use the HXS' FX, no.

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8 hours ago, dallonjay said:

Any suggestions?


You can't split the Input block. It's either Main L/R or USB 5/6.


But you can feed the Stomp with analog and USB signal at the same time nonetheless:

  1. Input block > USB 5/6; make sure your computer software plays via USB 5/6 directly (on Mac, a DAW like Logic can do, but regular music player apps like iTunes can't do without using 3rd party audio routing workarounds like Blackhole or Soundflower; at least not on El Capitan)
  2. on the Stomp > Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Send/Return L/R: Inst; & Return Type: Aux In Return
  3. add mono or stereo Return block(s), distribute them on paths A or B as you see fit
  4. split or mix the USB signal to paths A or B as you see fit
  5. plug guitar(s) into Return/Aux In jack(s)



The Stomp is extremely flexible even though it appears limited at first glance. Just recently I've figured out that I can use it as a 4-channel mixer for two mics and two acoustic guitars by using Aux In and adding two Return blocks on each path. It's a bit awkward to set up and adjust the EQs for each input because you have to run two inputs in series, but it works. 

The benefit of using the Stomp rather than a small mixer is – apart from size – that I can set the Stomp's output to Inst level and plug it into the sole input jack of my small 15W guitar combo. Also, my small mixer doesn't have built-in effects while on the Stomp I still have free blocks for reverb, delay, compressor when needed.


Even after a year of almost daily usage, the Stomp can still amaze me. :)

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Return Type must be RETURN, of course!
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