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PowerCab 212 Grill Cloth Connectors


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Hi - I am wanting to make a few decorative grill cloth/frames for my PowerCab 212.  I was wondering if anyone knows what the small plastic round connectors are, the ones that are attached to the grill cloth frame and fit into the holes in the cabinet to attach the grill cloth.


Names, part numbers, places to purchase if possible.  Any info at all is appreciated.



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I was looking for parts to upgrade the “appearance” of my speakers (new clothing, new grill, new connectors etc.) and I ran into some info that might be of help. I have not opened mine PC+ yet but remembered reading this post earlier - There was a picture of the frame pegs, not so clear but here are some hints.

I guess it could be those -


But there are more sources I searched for “speaker grill pegs grill fasteners” and got this

and this


Hope it helps… and please publish a picture when you have your new front ready :-)



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