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VST plugin problems (Pod Farm 1, Gearbox, UX2)

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Hi All,

I have a problem with Toneport UX2.

I use Acid Music studio 11 (Magix software), and I'd like to use Pod Farm or gearbox as a VST.

I scanned the appropriate folder int the Acid to see the VST-s in it. So I can find the Pod Farm and Gearbox VSTs in the Acid and can use it in the effect section. I'd like to ecord a dry signal, and use the plugin as an effect.


Like this:



When I select the Gearbox or the Pod Farm, I cannot use it. The Pod Farm says, connect an authorized device (however it's connected). Gearbox says, run Line6 monkey, and activate. Of course, my UX2 is activated, all devices and computer is authorised in License manager.

My windows an daw is legally purchased :)


If I choose Pod Farm guitar amps, and Pod farm distortions as an effect, I can hear the sound changes, but the interface doesn't appear and I could not configured sounds, amp models etc.


So the plugin works, but maybe the software didn't "see" the hardware through the Acid. However it works (processing) when I use separate effects in an effect chain...


Anybody has experienced the same?

Any suggestions?


thanks for response. ;)


Best regards.




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I have figured out the problem related to the last screenshot.

I have tried to reinstall drivers, Pod farm 1, Monkey and Gearbox. I didn't have Pod Farm 2 installed, so finally I have tried it.

The Pod Farm guitar amps, distortions, reverbs you can see on the last screenshot belongs to PodFarm 2. When it was installed, the plugin was viewed correctly in ACID effect section (last screenshot).


On the other hand, Pod Farm 2 is running in trial mode, so I have limited number off effects, amp models etc... :(


So I still seeking the way to use PodFarm 1 and Gearbox as VST... Monkey doesn't see them...

I have downloaded an older version of Monkey. It sees Gearbox, there are everything green in the Monkey, but in ACID it's still silent. And it says, Activate it via Monkey...


Maybe I would buy PodFarm 2.5 but I cannot find a a full functionality demo version to download. I'd try it, before buying it... I also didn't find any description about the standard version. How many amp models does it have etc. That version would be affordable for me...


On the other hand, I am satisfied with PodFarm 1 and Gearbox, but they don't want to work as VST :(


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Gearbox is old software, no longer supported.  Whenever you got the UX2, it did not come with the full version of PODFARM 2.  You would need to purchase this.  Line 6 does not give you the option of downloading the full version and trying it out before purchasing.

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Thanks. That's what I have figured out in the past few days. :)

Finally I am committed to buy the Pod Farm 2 Standard. It's sad, there isn't any demo to see its functionality, and what it really contain. Unfortunately I also didn't find anything about the differences between Standard and Platinum versions (except the number of models).

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