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Switch between Real Amp and Amp HX Stomp Emulation (4MC)?

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How about folks, I am very interested in getting an HX Stomp, I use the HX Effects and it is a blast.


Currently I use a MOOER Preamp Live in a 4CM configuration in my amplifier, I use this configuration since I exchange the emulation of the mooer's amps with that of my real amplifier, it is an interesting function that is removed by the mooer since it allows me in some songs to use the effects of my real amplifier and in others use only the power stage of my amplifier and use the emulation of mooer amps changing preset, in their documentation they explain it as two FX Loop modes one called A / B and the other serial, when i use A / B mode emulation is disabled and real amp is on.


Page 16

https://v1.cecdn.yun300.cn/fsite_1804040320%2FPreamp live_Manual_EN1552881468849.pdf


I would like to know if there is a way or method that the helix stomp achieves this since I did not see something mentioned in your manual, I do not know if someone knows how to do it or it is not possible.

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Short answer: Yes. Manual Page 9 - Quick Start - Hooking it all up - HX Stomp in 4-Cable Method


What you're doing with the Mooer is called "4 cable method (4cm)".

Just replace the MOOER in that configuration with the HXS and add an FX Loop Block between Pre FX (like distortions) and Post FX (like delays). When you're using an HXS amp, the FX Loop Block is OFF (signal goes straight to the amp's RETURN), when using your amp's preamp the HXS amp is OFF and the FX Loop Block is ON (signal passes through the amp's preamp before returning to HXS). If you want to continue to also use the MOOER, put it in the other FX Loop. Be aware that if you do that, you've already used two of the 8 available Blocks, the additional Preamp could be noisy, there could be ground loops, and you'd need to use one of the three available Snapshots to determine which FX Loop (or none) is ON (vs using a Stomp or external FS with only one loop).

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Thank you very much for your reply, it helped me a lot and I look forward to working with hx stomp

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