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Unmodified Signal through HX Stomp


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I very please with my original sound connection my ESP B1004 Bass to a Orange Terror Bass amp with a Orange B112 Cabinet with 50% gain for that lovely crunch, the problem is when I connect the HX Stomp with no single effect added to the mix, the signal losses bright and gain, its a slight but noticeable difference. How can I avoid this?


Im connecting my bass to the stomp input, and from the stomp output to the amp front input. Thanks ahead for your advise!

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Check in the global settings, that both input and output are set to instrument level. Also you can dial with the impedance setting (Z) in the main input block, to see if you find a better balance, instead of using Auto-Z (that usually works fine with guitars).


Just FYI, even without blocks, and unless you have the HX stomp in true bypass mode, there'll always be an A/D/A conversion (DSP is still working). Shouldn't affect the signal in a bad way, but's happening.


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If you want to bypass the signal chain entirely, use Analog Bypass. From the manual:


NOTE: There are two types of All Bypass in HX Stomp: Analog bypass
(sometimes called “true bypass”), where mechanically switching relays route
your signal directly from the inputs to the outputs with no processing or
A/D/A conversion, and DSP bypass, where any delay echoes and reverb
tails decay naturally. By default, HX Stomp is set for Analog bypass, but this
behavior can be set from “Global Settings > Preferences”.




If you want to do this hands-free you'll need a basic MIDI pedal. CC#70 Value = 0 is BYPASS ON; Value 127 = BYPASS OFF.


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