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51 minutes ago, aed1421 said:

Can someone tell me wich preset is the US Princess?  I have updated both the Helix and Helix edit to 3.11 but I can't seem to find it.  Trying to get a good acoustic and 12 string acoustic sound.


A model of an electric guitar amp won't be of much help in creating a convincing acoustic tone... as indicated above, the tube pre and EQ is the way to go.

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It was 12 string with the mix full, acoustic sim with Jumbo and bass 0, US Princess amp/cab and a spring reverb. Since the video I switched the amp for just a simple EQ and that’s pretty good too. Make sure you use a bright pickup setting too. Middle single coil if you have one, but it works well with my Les Paul too on middle setting with both pickups coil tapped.
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