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HX Effects with Trumpet?


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Hey there,


I've got an odd request from a friend of mine - he's a trumpet player and wants a pedalboard for effects, similar to Snarky Puppy and some other horn players he's into. Has anyone done this using an HX Effects? I started putting together a quote with each individual pedal, but it gets expensive quick - seems like the HX Effects makes more sense. He knows nothing about effects, so I would set up all the patches and pedals for him and he just has to worry about pushing the button and playing. 


Common pedals I've found other trumpet players use are compression, delay, reverb, distortion, octaves, wah, filters, etc, and I know we can handle all this with this unit. I'd have to run a Radial Voco Loco in order to get the signal and impedance correct from the mic to the HX and back out to the PA. I'll probably use a Headrush 108 for his at-home practice. Here's what I'm thinking for a signal chain:


Microphone ---> Radial Voco Loco ---> Hx Effects ----> Back through Radian Voco Loco ----> Headrush 108


Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? It seems straightforward, but I can't find anyone that's done it yet. 

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6 hours ago, Indigenous said:

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? It seems straightforward, but I can't find anyone that's done it yet. 



Not my thing, but I suffered with the wind over the years. :-)

No seriously, this should be painless and simple, in fact there is a contributor on here that actually uses a Helix with a Bassoon!


 IIRC, there are also a couple of Sax players using this stuff.


Hopefully, one should chime in to point you down the right path.


If not, just go for it, there’s not much you could harm.


Hope this helps/makes sense.


Found this link:


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I play trumpet and HX Effects is a great idea since there's no need to have an amp/cab. 


Trumpet is very loud, and as a result the input signal from the microphone is always very hot.  Some effects to make your trumpet sound studio quality:

1. compressor

2. flanger - a small amount of it is commonly used to dress up old mono recordings/sound tracks.  I've seen flanger being used on horns as well. 

3. envelope filter for that sharp attack

4. delay/reverb

5. wah-wah -- Miles Davis used it

6. harmonizer/octaver. 



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I’m going to suggest there are better pedals. 
brass players often find doubling and harmony effects very useful, and these are not Helix’s best attributes. 
there are other digital devices out there for vocals and brass that offer more of that stuff along with chorus, flange, delay and reverb and some do distortion and wah too. 
But their main thing is they are built for a mic input and enhancing that type of stuff. 

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