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Is the Helix rack the right choice for me?


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As the title says, I'm thinking about going the Helix direction but would like to confirm with experienced users that this is the right unit for my needs.


I'm a living room musician with decent home studio.  One man project.  My music is kind of folk-trip-hop with an industrial twist.  This is with acoustic guitar + voice upfront wrapped in lots of electronic and sound textures.  I so include some electric guitar to my sound palette but I'm not looking for 'tone purity'.  I have a usa strat (for smoother stuff) + kramer baretta (for riffing).  For my electric guitar I will occasionally want true tones but more often than not I will want creative and varied textures over pure realistic tones.  And that's for the 1% of the time I will be tracking electric guitar.  For 99% of the time the Helix back inputs will be hard-wired to synths and mixer sends to process analog-ish type sounds in creative ways.  So basically I want a big dsp multi-fx that is very flexible and creatively inspiring and that can also occasionally do nice guitar tones.


From what I have seen from internet resources the Helix seem more flexible in terms of routing and the interface seem to me a little better than the competition for experimentation.  


Is the Helix the right one for me?

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Thats kind of what I do.  I run a synth in using 2 stereo effects loops and give it its own path with effects and filters.  I use another path for the electric guitar and amp model/effects.  I plug a mic and and set its own path with the mic preamp and reverb to capture my acoustic and bring everything together with a stereo looper at the end.  Plus I can have USB audio playing at the same time.  Helix is the brains of my studio.


Also, Rack us nice if you don't want the computer on and/or have to bend over to make changes.  Rack is up and eye level and controller is on the floor.

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