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Headphones monitor output volume drop


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I have helix lt so it has only one volume knob. My issue was that all amps sounded very weak and i was unsatisfied with any of them. Suddenly i figured out that if i change headphones monitor setting from multi to 1/4 the sound became not only much louder but also fuller. Is this intended behavior? It was not very intuitive to figure out since i always had my volume knob turned up half way and i though that something is wrong either with my gear or the unit. But after changing this setting volume doubled. Thanks

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Hmmm... Do you have global EQ applied to 1/4 out or XLR out only?  Also, what are your audio level settings for 1/4 inch and XLR out?  If they are set up differently, then that can also affect the headphone sound when you change what goes to your headphone mix. 


Headphone mix is supposed to basically combine all the outputs if you have it set to "multi", as I understand.  So mixing separate outputs into your headphone mix may introduce differences. 


As a side note, I was told to set up my XLR sound output to Mic level, while the 1/4 inch are set to Line level.  I send XLR to FOH, and 1/4 I connect to an effects loop of an amp on stage.  My volume knob only controls 1/4 output sound since I don't want FOH sound level to ever change, but want the 1/4 inch to be adjustable so I can hear myself better if needed or the opposite. 


BTW, if you want to go crazy with the in-ear headphone mix, this video is very informative.  It's kind of a hack/workaround, but still it has some interesting approaches. 








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