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Using Pod Go as an audio interface - Neural DSP plugins

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I downloaded a trial of the Gojira plugin from Neural DSP. I was hoping to use my Pod Go as an audio interface with the app.


Is anyone successfully doing this?


I am getting both the direct sound, plus the effected tones with my set up.


I tried turning off the amp and cab blocks in a preset I created, but the 'original' tone can be heard clearly when I play the standalone or VST version in Reaper 


Is there a way of disabling direct monitoring with the Pod Go? or is it the input/output signals that I need to change in my setup?


Or is it better that I buy a separate audio interface for those times I want to use an app like those from Neural DSP? 

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You’d want to select USB 3 or 4 as the input from the POD Go, not USB 1 or 2. That’s the dry DI signal from the guitar input. Then it doesn’t matter what’s in the POD Go preset. If you don’t want to hear the sound from the preset, just mute it by keeping the volume pedal down.

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