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Mooer Baby Bomb to amplify your Helix thru a cab.


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Hey Line 6 community!  I wanted to share with you that I recently acquired the Mooer Baby Bomb power amplifier pedal and used it on 2 shows so far and I LOVE it! 




This thing is inexpensive and has plenty of wattage to play a show.  What I've done recently is simply connected it to the speaker cab of a Fender amplifier and the results have been fantastic.  The pedal is a little noisy if you put the volume knob past the quarter turn.  But at 8:30, there is already an insane amount of loudness that you'd not need to crank it up further than that.  I run it on "bright" without any Global EQ applied in this instance. 


In these 2 videos, whoever filmed this was right by the speaker.  So what you hear is pretty much mostly the Baby Bomb sound coming out of  Fender Tone Master amp.  I run 2 XLRs to the FOH, and the 1/4 inch out goes to the Baby Bomb and to the speaker.   My main sound on the Helix is Classic Distortion, Mail Order Twin amp, reverb/delay and Weeper wah that I set to auto-engage. 


Here you go:




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