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Is there a way to make an Octave pedal setting where it only plays the bass notes?


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It can be done on the 500, so I will assume it can be done on the Helix. 

The exact procedure - I don't know, because I don't use the tone (or the helix). 

But, it boils down to using a split signal, which you join at the end (if you want one signal). 


Create a dual signal chain and pan one left and pan one right. 

Take one of the frequency filters (such as anything below 400hz) and send it to the right. Add your octave. 

The left will be your guitar. Add the effects you want. 



You are basically creating a 'crossover' --- maybe the Helix has an crossover?  

Everything gets sent to the left. 

But anything below your G-string (which comes in at 391, with G# at 415) will be sent to the right, and will appear an octave lower. 



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