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Replacement knobs in the UK


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I just dented the volume knob on my Helix floor, so I need to get a replacement. Any ideas where I could get one? The shipping from the States is astronomical, so it's not an option. British Audio has one for £5, but the priority shipping is £56.76!!!


There are some really smart all metal replacements from Tesi which would look super cool, but again I can't get them in the UK



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Nice one fella! I'm thinking that them there Tesi metal ones look pretty sweet, so I might cough up the extra and invest in a full set of those. Not sure if I've got the balls to go for a different colour though. Anyone else on here interested in getting some? If there's a good amount of interest, I might contact Tesi and see if they might be able to do a bit of a discount for any UK buyers .... special relationship and all that!!

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1 hour ago, barnsleyboy said:

If there's a good amount of interest

Hmm… not sure about that. You would possibly need to order a container full - can’t see that happening really.

I bought my Helix floor way back in Nov 2015 and I still have to put a serious “dink” in it.


It’s built like a tank, but I am also a studio rat, so it is not really been exposed to any potential real damage. In fact it doesn’t even live on the floor - it’s on a stand and I use 2 external expression pedals. 

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52 minutes ago, barnsleyboy said:

I'm surprised that a piece of plastic falling from a shelf could do so much damage to a tour grade piece of kit!

So am I - Brian must be made out of Terminator grade materials!


Have a quick look at a Line 6 employee giving an early Helix a “kicking” - short example from about 25 sec in.

NOTE: The early prototype knobs with polished edges!





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I recently had a warranty repair done on some Yamaha speakers and it was done by a company in the Midlands but I can't find the paperwork to tell you who it was. They'd be worth a call if I could remember who they were.


I'll let you know if I remember.




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36 minutes ago, CraigGT said:

To follow up my most useless post ever, I think it was




That’s them - the official Line 6/Yamaha repair service for the U.K.

Unit 28, 56 Goulds Close, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1EQ

Tel: 01908-375699


I had an out of warranty repair done on my Helix floor - quick and efficient service.



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Just following up on this thread, If anyone needs any spares in the UK:


Sontec (Electronics) Ltd, Sontec House, Concorde Road, Norwich, NR6 6BE
+44 (0)1603 483675


My new volume knob and replacement expression pedal plastic washers arrived today.

Approx. £15.96 for knob and 3 washers, which I thought was reasonable. Then I looked at the 

figures on the invoice. Before the VAT the washers were £1 each, the knob is £1.30. They charged me

a whopping £4.50 for postage and £4.50 administration fee! What a rip off.

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19 hours ago, barnsleyboy said:

What a rip off.

Hmm… Somebody had to create an account for you, then go and get the part from the shelf in the warehouse, then pack it up securely and take it to the post office to ship it off to you. Plus there is no avoiding the tax.


Well, the other option is you could have driven from Suffolk to Norwich to pick up the parts.

What would that have cost in fuel and time?


Who is ripping you off?


Nice to know it cheaper than having stuff shipped from the USA.

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16 hours ago, davegoodfellow said:

Try here




Great collection of knobs!


Hi, Dave,


Good suggestion, apart from the price, admin cost and VAT. 


You see, “barnsleyboy” already felt he was being ripped off at a total price of £15.96



Farnell price for replacement volume knob: £3.45

Handling charge: £9.95

VAT. £2.68

Delivery free.

Total £16.08


There is no escaping the tax, and the retailer is essentially an unpaid tax collector for the government - not their fault.

Lucky for me, Farnell are quite close to where I live, so it’s quite easy to call in at the trade counter.

EDIT: ARRRRG! I just spotted the walk-in trade counter closed down at the end of August this year.


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