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Paramore Guitar Sound (all We Know Is Falling) (pod Ux1)

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I've been using my POD for quite a while now but i'd like to share one of my presets with you guys.

Many of my subscribers ask me what settings/gear i use, and when i tell them; they're often surprised when they hear line 6.

The majority of people think line 6 amps or models aren't able to produce a rich - realistic tone, but when recorded with optimal setting etc.. the result is epically awesome!


I'll attach a link of a certain video where i used a backing track, so all the guitarwork you hear (except bass) is all produced by the POD UX1, same goes for my setting in Podfarm.


Thanks to Line 6 for creating this awesome product for people who want to express their creativity and enjoy their hobby but live in an appartement with lousy neighbours!



- Ben







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Hey man, awesome tone! Works wonders not only with the Dual Treadplate in Pod Farm, also with Le Pou Lecto with Rosen Digital Mesa Impulses, I use both amps sims and souns awesome panned 75% Left and Right

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