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G10T lasts half an hour or so

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So, I'm on my second G10 package from Gear4Music.com. I returned the previous one for the same issue that I'm seeing now with the replacement unit :(


Sometimes, after a full charge (often overnight), it only has half an hour or so playing time, before it blinks red and then cuts out completely. When I put it back in the dock/charger, it charges for just a few minutes, before displaying solid green again. 


The problem is intermittent, but frequent. Is this a common issue? I have updated to the latest firmware etc.

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If it's a new order, you should ask for a G10TII, which should not have this problem.


If they sent you the old version, ask them for a replacement with the new model, or return it and ask for a refund.


Buying the old model doesn't make sense.


This is the new one; https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Line-6-RELAY-G10-MKII-Digital-Wireless-Guitar-System/3TDX



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