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HX stomp XL: many amps and effects not available


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I am just learning my new HX stomp XL. In many factory presets amps or distortions have a question mark.

It is said: "not recognized in this version of the HX stomp"

I used a normal XL stomp before and everything was fine.

I hope I will be able to import my selfmade presets into the XL and everything will work fine.

Any experiences?

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It sounds like you are attempting to upload presets you've preciously saved from one kind of device onto another kind of device but I can't be sure I fully understand your meaning.

Not all L6 device presets are compatible across all platforms and firmware versions.

There have been discussions on these pages about this sort of thing before.

In some cases people attempted to upload *.hlx files onto a new device and they loaded but did not work.

Other people were greeted with an error message indicating the presets were not compatible and could therefore not be loaded.


If I am misunderstanding you please elaborate.

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3 hours ago, claudeu said:

factory reset didn´t help. Still many questionmarks on some amp models and effects.

Hi, Claus,


I have never seen question marks on the effect blocks in HX Edit, and cannot find a reference to it at this time - I will keep looking.


You tried a Factory Reset and the preset names show in the editor, but I suggest that you should also try “Rebuilding” the presets to see if that solves the problem. On your HX Stomp XL, hold down the 2 knobs (View/Action and <Page/Page>) on the right hand side while turning on the power. Furthermore, please ensure that the version of HX Edit you are using is the same as the firmware in the Stomp - v.3.11


Hope this helps/makes sense.


Hallo Claus,
Ich habe noch nie Fragezeichen auf den Effektblöcken in HX Edit gesehen und kann derzeit keinen Hinweis darauf finden - ich werde weiter suchen.
Sie haben einen Factory Reset versucht und die Preset-Namen werden im Editor angezeigt, aber ich schlage vor, dass Sie auch versuchen sollten, die Presets neu zu erstellen, um zu sehen, ob das Problem dadurch behoben wird. Halten Sie an Ihrem HX Stomp XL die 2 Knöpfe (View/Action und <Page/Page>) auf der rechten Seite gedrückt, während Sie das Gerät einschalten. Stellen Sie außerdem sicher, dass die von Ihnen verwendete Version von HX Edit mit der Firmware im Stomp - v.3.11 übereinstimmt
Hoffe das hilft/macht Sinn.

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I checked the firmware: both are 3.11


I rebuilt the presets as well.


But surprise! In the Pilot´s Guide are shown about 88 amp models.


My HX stomp XL has only 40.

The same with other effects like distortions.


Is it possible to download rebuild the complete model list?







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38 minutes ago, claudeu said:

Is it possible to download rebuild the complete model list?


Hi Claus,


It is an exceptionally strange issue and not one I have seen before.

In this case I would strongly suggest that you re-install the latest firmware to see if it solves the problem.

Also see this thread - it applies to every firmware update:



Hallo Claus, Es ist ein außergewöhnlich seltsames Problem, und ich habe es noch nie zuvor gesehen. In diesem Fall würde ich dringend empfehlen, die neueste Firmware erneut zu installieren, um zu sehen, ob das Problem dadurch behoben wird.


Hoffe das hilft/macht Sinn.

Siehe such diesel Thread - er gilt für jedes Firware-Update:


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6 minutes ago, claudeu said:

In the meanwhile I have the impression it is a problem of the edit software, e.g. amps wich have a questionmark in the software exist in the stomp XL and I am able to change their values.


Re-install all of the software for firmware update version 3.11 and it should work. 

The "question marks" are also over some of the effects in your screen shot.

If you do not see the amp and model effects make sure you are running the correct versions of all the software.



Installieren Sie die gesamte Software für das Firmware-Update Version 3.11 neu und es sollte funktionieren.
Die "Fragezeichen" befinden sich auch über einigen der Effekte in Ihrem Screenshot.
Wenn Sie die Verstärker- und Modelleffekte nicht sehen, vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie die richtige Version der gesamten Software verwenden.
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