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Can the HX Stomp handle my switching problem?

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Hi. Can someone take a stab at this “switching” problem and let me know if the Stomp can handle this condition. I think it can, but I’m not sure how it would work….


Ok, I’ve got a Carvin guitar with some fancy electronics. This guitar has a humbucker out, a piezo out and a MIDI out. No split coil. No switches to control which ‘out’ is hot or cut. So this presents a problem…


This is what I’d like to be able to do. Think Jesus of Suburbia or Behind Blue Eyes (or a bazillion other songs) where you have an acoustic guitar part that switches back and forth between a humbucker electric tone. Can I run both guitar outputs into the Stomp with the humbucker line using a traditional signal chain including an amp model, delay, verb and stuff and run that signal out to my guitar amp (Mesa Boogie) AND the piezo line run through an acoustic patch including some basic stuff like chorus, delay and reverb and run that out to the Genz Benz amp? AND the HX Stomp would need to have a single switch assigned to either have the Mesa Boogie ON and the Genz Benz OFF and with a foot switch click they’d flip AND a second switch would be assigned to turn both on at the same time.


With DSP limitations aside, can this be done?

Huge thanks to anyone that can share some knowledge about this.

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Since both inputs are always ON, you would need to put one of the guitar's OUTS (piezo probably) into one of the RETURNs (left probably, since that's TIP).

Then put the RETURN Block on Path B with the Piezo amp/effects.

In Global Settings INS/OUTS, set Send/Return 1 to INST.

Change the SPLIT Block to A/B and route the INPUT signal 100% to A.

Pull the MIX Block DOWN to create SEND 3/4. Set 3/4 to MONO.

Assign the LEVELs at the OUTPUT Blocks to Snapshots.


Snapshot 1  - OUTPUT Block MAIN L/R LEVEL 0db

                        OUTPUT Block Send 3/4(TIP=3=L) LEVEL -120db


Snapshot 2  - OUTPUT Block MAIN L/R LEVEL -120db

                        OUTPUT Block Send 3/4(TIP=3=L) LEVEL 0db


Snapshot 3 - Both OUTPUT Blocks Level 0db


Run TS cables from L/Mono Out to the Boogie; SEND to the Benz.


I've attached a demo preset.


NOTE: Snapshot 3 Output/Send Block levels may need to be adjusted from above to account for your desired mix. Another way to do this whole thing is to assign the Output/Send Block Levels to an Expression Pedal with the MIN/MAX settings opposite one another. That would give you mix control from the Exp Pedal, but would not be instant as in the Snapshot method. Since you can't assign a parameter to more than one controller, it's either/or.


There may be other ways to do this, but this is what I came up with.


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I concur with rd2rk as that is nearly what I do now...Only difference is that I use an external preamp pedal to get it mostly corrected before hitting the aux in...That is mainly because of the block count in the stomp...not so much a dsp thing, just that piezos always need some correction and it would free up a block in the stomp for something else...with that, going for a dual tone thing like that on the stomp without a little external help can be a bit of a compromise depending on the needs....Not that it will not work acceptable...I just found it to be a bit compromising for myself without a little outside help...

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Ok….that funny you mention the expression pedal option. That was one way I figured it could work, but I felt there was a more elegant solution.


it’s not terribly complicated either. I just have to get used to the UI. I got pretty familiar with the 500X, so I imagine I’ll catch on quick. Need to save your notes!!!

thank you so much guys!

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