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John Cordy Helix Artist Tone failure


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Are you SURE that you're on v3.11 of the FW?

If YES, do a factory reset.




If that doesn't work, reinstall the FW v3.11 and FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS including the seemingly redundant factory reset AFTER the update.

If it still isn't working, call support.

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oops- ignore that, rd2rk.


Been running 3.11 since the release w no problems, so thought I'd check the community to see if the Cordy preset source file went bad or some other wonkiness other than my v3.11 .Judging from the acerbic tones, this has become a touchy subject with the gurus, but I've been fine until now ( Win10, not Mac)   Apologies if i provoke your wrath.  I noticed the 1152 downloads since it posted 9/1/21 . If it helps , I downloaded and imported other presets from the last few days with no problems. The Cordy preset is the only one giving me trouble.


So perhaps my Edit 3.11 went bad? nothing else is failing. 


Thank you, SashaFranck , for reporting successful preset loading ( but did you download it recently,. or are you running an older ?) . 


Thanks to the uber gurus, datacomm, and everyone else :) 


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