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Where are the ASIO driver downloads?


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I just got my Pod Go a few days ago.  It was a Friday, so I had over the weekend to play it before I had to go back to work. (Got a new Marshall DSL100HR too though, so the Pod Go had to share the stage.  It got more than enough play though considering I can't play the marshall through haedphones without connecting up a bunch of other gear I don't feel like messing with when I now have Pod Go right here)  Anyway....


I do quite a bit of recording with Reaper, and part of the reason the Pod Go appealed to me was the fact that it can be used as an audio interface.  Infact, that was one of the main reasons.  I wanted something to help me simplify my workflow when tracking, but that would not be a compromise on tone.  Seeing as how Pod Go uses the same HX series effects processor as Helix and HX family of products....  Enter Pod Go....


Now, I like this thing alot.  However, I have yet to be able to use it for what I bought it to use it for, which is recording.  It needs ASOI drivers in order to be used an an A.I. correct?  I've got it plugged up tp my PC, and my studio monitors, and I get sound, and the unit sounds good through the monitors, but can I just use it as is in Reaper?  Or do I need the ASIO drivers?  The info on the Line 6 site says I need the ASIO driver, but the only downloads I can find anywhere for Pod Go on the Line 6 website are the firmware updates, and updates for Pod Go Edit.  Both of which are up to date at 1.30.  Is it possible that I missed something, and the ASIO drivers are part of that download?  Or is it something else all together?  And if it is something different, where do I find it.


I have to say, the way it was explained to me, this thing was supposed to be a great tool for me to use for recording, but as of right now, I have to say that the difficulty I am experiencing in trying to find out something/find something which should be right there out front and easy for anyone to find, it is making me a little worried that maybe I jumped the gun spending this money, and perhaps I should have just stuck with playing my tube amps through my Captor 16 and CAB M+.....


If anyone else knows where I can find this, I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill me in as I'd love to become privy to such knowledge.  If there is maybe a link that someone could share to the web page where the download is located, that would be even better!


Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone out there may be able to offer.


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The drivers are included as part of the POD Go Edit installation package, so if you downloaded and installed that, you should have them. The POD Go should show up as one of audio devices you can select in Reaper if the drivers are installed.


You can also download the drivers on their own if you need to. You can select Drivers from the middle pulldown menu on the Downloads page, and they should show up. What operating system are you using?

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I was thinking this was the case but wasn't sure.  They should be clear about this.  Maybe specifically add it to the page that explains everything that comes with an update.  You know, where it says the bugs it fixes, the amps it adds on, and the effects, and provides descriptions.  It would be sweet if somewhere in there, for laymen such as myself, they specifically stated in there somewhere "ASIO drivers for connectivity of Pod Go with a PC and required for use of Pod Go in DAWs are included as part of this update.  Installing this update will install the ASIO drivers required for Pod Go to work with your computer as well, there is no need to go to ASIO4ALL or any other third party site in order to download ASIO drivers as they are part of this update."   You know....  Something like that...


Anyway, thanks for the help.  I truly appreciate you taking the time to clear that up for me.  Have a great day.

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I have to disagree. The update instructions are already clear. Everything you need, including the drivers, is installed with the Pod Go Edit download package. You don’t need to even think about the drivers. Nor do you need to know that a program called Line 6 Updater is also involved. And there are actually two drivers that are necessary and installed. Do you need to know about all of that?

The installation procedure was streamlined and automated some time ago precisely so the user did not need to know or be concerned about the background details like multiple drivers and a separate update program. All you need to do is follow the simple instruction: Download and install the Pod Go Edit package. When you perform the installation you will see that all these components are installed.

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I have to disagree with the comment of silverhead! Cmsaw83 is absolutely right with his statements and it is very confusing how the ASIO driver should be handled:

Silverhead, please go to the Line Pod Go manual (English version), where it states explitely on page 39: For USB audio operation on Windows Computers, you must donwload and install the Line 6 POD Go ASIO driver. This is where the confusion comes from! So your comment" You don’t need to even think about the drivers" is abolutely misleading as well and not correct!

A clear information in manual and description of the Pod Go Edit and Pod go drivers about how ASIO is handled would be more than appropriate and would help to avoid any troubleshooting initiatives in case there are issues with the interface (e.g. installing ASIO4all etc)

Best regards

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