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Flight Cases in the USA?

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I want to be able to get a live-in case for my Helix that I could just pop the top off and use on stage. I found two that I like and one that's okay. The main issue is cost to ship. 


This one from The Flight Case Company is fantastic at $218, but would cost $65 just to ship from the UK.

This one from Thomann is decent at only $145, but would cost $71.88 to ship from Germany.

The only other one I've found that is a similar build and quality is the outrageously priced Gator case for $370.


Are there any more affordable options out there for people in the USA that wouldn't cost so much to ship?

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One most crucial thing to consider before you buy any case:

Make sure you can connect everything without having to move the Helix out of the case. In case you can't, slap in a sort of patch bay. Or some short extension cables (this is what I'm doing because my case doesn't offer enough space for a patch bay).

Also make sure there's some extra space. I can put all required cables into my case which is very comfortable. I also have a power extension cable with 3 outlets on my board, something I also wouldn't want to miss.


Then, at least the first case (page of the second one doesn't load) is pretty expensive. That was about the price I payed for a custom pedalboard in super high quality - just that I had to drill things myself and had to do the pop rivet job (I could borrow the required tools from the case builder), but everything was perfectly pre-configured, so the entire process of slapping things together took a mere 1-2 hours.


Fwiw, if I was building a case again, it'd likely be a mixer-style case. I actually have one of these (too big for the Helix), with the sides going up diagonally. That way, it's very low profile where the switches are and protecting the back just fine. Most cases are low profile all throughout, so you can connect things, but I rather prefer to keep enough space for the plugs and have everything protected nicely.

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I would also add that it might be wise to look for some kind of protection for your jack connections.  I am assuming the reason you want a good and hard case is because you plan to transport your Helix to gigs.  If that's not the reason, just say so.  In my view, protection for the jack connections seems important to me.  Like the vast majority of us, I don't play large venues but rather I play smaller venues where stage space is limited.  On smaller stages I believe there is a greater chance of having your cabling stepped on by other persons on the stage.

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22 hours ago, MGW-Alberta said:

I would also add that it might be wise to look for some kind of protection for your jack connections.


Absolutely. Here's a picture of my case. As said, this isn't a "made for Helix" case but one that I had been using for a plethora of other board builts already.

Might look a lot less professional than it actually is, but I'm using it like that for almost decades already. All the outgoing cables are fixed by a cable tie (the power cable is around 2-3 meters) and there's absolutely no tone suck or whatsoever by the jack extension adapters (no idea what you officially call them in english), they also hold any plugs pretty tight. The USB cable is a pretty short one that I just disconnect from USB extension cable, roll it up and keep it in the case as well. At home I'm running the two 1/4 outs into a little mixer, for live one of them (I'm strictly playing mono so far) runs into a DI box and then to FOH (would love to use the XLR, saving a DI box, but as Line 6 was too greedy to slap a proper XLR out in - one that would have no issues with phantom power), the XLR out is feeding my wedge or IEM mixer.

I would've loved to build a kind of patch bay in, but there's not enough space on this board - and hey, seriously, this is working 100% troublefree for years and years already, so why change anything?

Anyway, this way, none of the ins/outs on the Helix ever gets touched (very rare exception: the headphone out) and the raised case edge protects the entire back of the Helix just fine, so no crazy singers will ever stomp onto my precious I/O cables.

Fwiw, the Helix itself is fixed just with 6 rather small velcro strips (the board has the "loop" part glued in carpet-style), for additional safety I mounted those foam blocks, so it could't slip around (it doesn't, not even just with the velcro, but better be safe than sorry). When packing things, I slap another sheet of foam onto it and place the guitar cable, one output cable and the rolled up power cable upon that foam. That way, the screen is protected.



Ah well, and while we're at it, here's the lid of that case, offering some more storage space (I'm keeping a small music stand, two spare cables and one DI box in there):



Again, doesn't look too great, but it's working just fine like that since decades. Setup time is less than 5 minutes (more like 1-2).





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I just went through this because I got an LT. The Thomann case for an LT was a slightly more palatable $135 + $65 shipping, but I spent a bit of time looking for alternatives in the US. I found things that were comparable at twice the price, and got the Thomann.


That Gator looks nice, but (at least for an LT) the wheels seem like overkill, especially if you load in with a cart. In the meantime, the Thomann case was the best option, at least for me. I don't love the handle or clasps they decided to use, but the case does what it's supposed to do. Note that my whole Helix experience is still just a week or two old, so I have no idea how it will hold up over time.


I was hoping to find an EWI case from audiopile.net. I have a few of those that have held up for years. The Thomann case seems almost on par, though the handle and clasps don't seem to be as heavy-duty as what you'd get from EWI.  

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