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Helix input settings?


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So, I turn the helix on, and everything appears fine, all the lights and menus display as normal. Plug my guitar in, and when I hit a note, I get a pop, then some static, then after 2 or 3 seconds, the note will play. If I turn the volume down on the guitar, I get sound. It's as if the signal coming in is clipping.  


I've looked at all of the settings, and all of the peripherals' that I can think of. Volume Pedal, expression pedal, unplugged the Line 6 Controller. Switched guitars, cables, everything. it happens through both 1/4" output and XLR out.


Any Ideas 


Version 3.11 

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Perform a Factory Reset:



If that doesn't fix it, reinstall the FW. FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS! Including the seemingly redundant Factory Reset after the install!


If that doesn't get it, time to call support!

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Thanks for the Response. 


Ok, so I did everything you mentioned, and it was still doing it. so, I got frustrated, and gave the side of the Rack case a pretty healthy whack... and it fixed the issue.. So.... I'm now thinking that there's something rattling around in there.. or a loose solder joint somewhere, unless you can think of something else that would cause the issue.  


I got the unit in 2018 so.. I think it's got to go to a Service center to get repaired... Dang it!!


Thanks so much for your help...  I got a gig tonight, and wasn't sure what I was going to do. (Take my Twin reverb and pedal board as a back up) 

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