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JTV69s pickguard replacement

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Go slowly. I changed mine out a few years ago.

Remove the battery before you do anything.

Take a few measurements of pickup heights so you can put them back in similar positions on the new guard.

Keep track of which screws go where.


The knobs just pull off. I think I used a plastic automotive trim tool to assist.


Be careful of the ring around the model selector. It has some indexing bumps that fit into holes on the pick guard. You will need to gently pry it up as it is stuck to the pickguard with double-sided tape. Look at the new pickguard to locate the holes.


When you remove the pickguard, I believe there is a grounding wire that will limit how far you can rotate the pickguard to remove everything. I was changing pickups at the same time so it's possible this may not be in your way.


Beyond that, watch for the normal stuff (i.e. pickup springs falling off and dropping into place where you don't want them to be.


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On 11/6/2021 at 2:32 PM, cubbini said:

Looking to replace pickguard on JTV69s, wondering about possible pitfalls and things to be extra careful about. Especially when removing the three control knobs... in particular, the best way to remove them.




Honestly, it's not significantly different than changing any other Strat- style pickguard. Just don't have at it like a crazed gorilla on meth, and everything will be fine....

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