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Dt25 With Podhd500x Via L6 Link Question: Pod Amp Cabs?


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I have linked up my PODHD500X to my DT25 via L6 Link and set the output to Combo Pwr Amp and use the Pre- amp model but what I didn't expect was the amp cabinet models to still affect the tone. I can set "no cab" or any other cabs and the tone changes, I though that using the Pre models via L6 Link would defeat the I doing something wrong?



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There is more going on with the cabs than you realize.  My understanding is that using the pr-amp on the DT25/HD500 setup allows for the DT25 amp to handle the power section (thus the tubes).  So, you are not doing anything wrong.  It is suggested that you not disable cabs.

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If you want your DT to sound like a Marshal stack then you you have to model the input from the cab to get the sound you are looking for, otherwise it would be a JCM800 through a 1x12 cab!! 


Line 6 has been smart in allowing us to add the effect of cab/mic selection to our tones, I think this is why they have a custom speakerin their DT25 combo which offers a fairly neutral response.  Best way is not to think of cab.mic solection not in the physical sense but to listern to the impact they have on your tone. 



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