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Best way to wire HX Stomp and Synergy Syn-2?


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Does anyone have thoughts on this ?


I’m wiring up my new “hybrid” rig, but I’m stuck at the final stage. 


By  looking at the attached digram can anyone tell me what source I should use to feed the 5050 power amp with?


I’d like to send the DI outputs of the SYN-2 to FOH and have them contain the full signal chain. But that means the HX Stomp main outs have to get routed back to the SYN-2 somehow.

Am I doing this backwards?


Many thanks.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 10.15.07 AM.png

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It's a power amp, the last thing in the signal chain before the speakers. Take the Left and Right Main Outputs for Stereo, Left/Mono Out for Mono.

In Global Settings Ins/Outs, set the main Outputs to LINE.

That's it!

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Thanks for the reply. I understand the SYN-5050 is the power amp. I'm asking how to get the full signal (amp models or Synergy modules) + the post-amp effects, to come out the speakers as well as the stereo DI outs in the SYN-2.


I certainly could have phrased that better. Sorry

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After a quick look at the SYN-2 manual, it appears that whatever is coming out of the SYN-2 Outputs is identical to the DIRECT Outs, with the exception that the DI Outs have a "Cab Sim" which can be defeated with a Bypass switch if you're using IRs/Cabs in your Helix signal chain.


It looks like the SYN-2 is connected using  the 4cm method. To add the POST FX you'd use a second Helix FX Loop, taking the SYN-2 FX SEND to the Helix FX Loop Return2, putting the Loop's RETURN Block before the POST FX and the Helix FX Loop2 SEND Block after the POST FX, connected to the SYN-2 FX RETURN.


The SYN-2 is in FX Loop1.

FS2 Toggles the SYN-2 OFF and a Helix amp ON.


I've set the Output Block OFF since you'll be using the Outputs on the SYN-2 to connect the SYN-5050.


The attached preset should serve to demo the technique, and ASSUMES that the SYN-2 FX Loop is between the SYN-2 Pre and the SYN-2 OUTPUTS/DI.

It also ASSUMES that I've understood what you're trying to do!



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