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Favourite Redwirez bass IRs?


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I've purchased Redwirez Bass IR Pack. They sound pretty great....BUT.....there are just waaaay to many variables. 

I didn't have the time to go through all of them, as of now I use a 810 with 421 mic 2inch from cone and a Hartke 4,5 with 421 mic 2 inch from cone. The Hartke has a strong midrange and the svt 810 complements this good, but the latter I feel has a bit tooo much low end.

I am looking for a nice open sound with big headroom. Also a distortion sound (I use aguilar agro in effects loop). A play in drop A# with an Ibanez SR300EBL

What are your favourite IR's? Or what combinations of them? With this many variables it feels like a never ending story to find the right one.

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I can't really help with this, as I take my bass straight up with an eq chaser and a touch of compression and room reverb.


Here's some possibly helpful links:


How to Mic a Bass Cabinet: 5 Quick Tips (calmfrogrecording.com)


How to Mic a Bass Guitar Amp for Live and Recording - Range of Sounds


DialingInYourTone.pdf (redwirez.com)

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