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Pod Go Direct to House Sound (No DI Box)


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I play bass with my Pod Go at a venue that seats ~400 folks.


Live performances only.


The sound board is about 70 feet across the room.


I have been plugging into random DI boxes, but I thought it might be good to eliminate the middle man (DI box) and plug the Pod Go directly into the XLR jack in the stage.


I don't know if this is a great idea or a terrible one, and I haven't purchased the 1/4" TRS to XLRM cable yet to try it.


I think it would work great, although someone said I may need a LIFT setting to break any potential ground loop.


The Pod Go has no such setting/switch (as far as I can tell), although I believe some of the higher end Line6 stuff does.


Is this a non-issue? If I use the balanced, 1/4" TRS main out of the Pod Go, do I still need to worry about separately dealing with breaking any potential ground loop? (Or does the Pod Go handle this for me?)


Thanks so much in advance for your help with this!



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used the PodGO for over a year and did several shows with it (2020, not many shows)....anyway....The GO is actually quasi-balanced...It is NOT the same thing as a transformer based Direct Box....I used my own direct box when I performed with it....I do NOT do quasi to FOH....


A TRS->XLR can work just fine...but if you get a loop, you might end up using a DI anyway....that is my reasoning....keep it simple...

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