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HX edit and line 6 updater does not recognize that my helix is connected


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I got a Helix lt and after not connecting it to the pc after a while i noticed that the hx edit and the updater does not recognize it, i tried restarting the usb ports along with many other things. ( both programs are up to date) and nothing gives.


In the device manager it gives me something like msg pipe, and i tried everything under the sun to troubleshoot it and nothing.

Helix 2.PNG

Helix 1.PNG

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The USB port and cable matter. If you're using a USB hub, that could be a problem. I recommend plugging anything audio directly into a motherboard's USB connector, preferably one close to the power supply.


Also, some USB cables carry only power (e.g., for charging phones), not data. Make sure your cable is actually carrying data.


Finally, remember that Helix needs to be not connected when you install the driver. Try uninstalling the driver, unplug Helix, reboot, install the driver, reboot, and then plug in Helix. This might help...good luck. 

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