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snapshot trouble


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I´m trying to create a few snapshots for my presets , but i can´t understand why nothing works... My real example is i try to change the drive level in a overdrive pedal that i ve in sshot 1 (2.0 dB)  and put it in sshot 2  modified to 4.0 dB.  But when i go back to the Sshot1 is in 4.0 db  too. What i´m doing wrong? Do i have to save pressing any key or button? I´ve tried too with another parameters like delay or chorus and nothing again...any suggestion? Thanks, people !

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Two things:

- make sure you assign the desired parameter (in this case the Drive level) to the Snapshot controller. To do this, push and rotate the parameter knob. The value will then appear in white brackets indicating that the assignment has been made.

- In Global settings you will find a parameter that controls whether or not Snapshot changes are saved or discarded when you switch snapshots before saving the preset. Make sure you understand how this works and set it to your preference.

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