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Is There A Way To Save Sets Of Favorites?


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Since there isn't a manual for the app that i have found yet, i'm asking this question here. Is there a way to save different sets of favorites in the app? If so, how does one go about doing that?


Or is that part of the app only limited to saving the current tone into one of the 4 hardware favorites memories in the amp?


Ideally, i'd like to build up a collection of different banks of favorites, and be able to swap them in and out of the amp.

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The idea of creating additional banks is now being reviewed by Line 6 -- hopefully, the will be able to offer this feature.


As for saving "favorites": I'd recommend you save your tones to My Tones rather than Favorites.  The problem with Favorites is that unless you can remember exactly which song you marked the tone as a "favorite", you can't delete the tone.  You could soon find yourself with a bunch of favorites and no way to effectively clean up your list.  Whereas in My Tones, you can directly delete any tones you don't wish to keep. You can save a favorite tone to My Tones by going into editor for the tone; selecting "save info" at bottom of the page; tapping on "Save" and tapping on "Save to M Tones" You can also change parameters to the tone (mod, cab, rev, delay, etc, as well as levels and and eq) before saving and you can save the tone to a different name in your My Tones if you so choose.


By default, the AMPLIFI is set to receive tones from on-line when you select songs from Music Library. You can turn this feature off by going to "Settings" and switching off the "Auto Tone Loading."  While there, you might want to also switch on "Hide Songs Not On Device" so it only shows the songs on your IOS device and not everything you have in your computer's iTunes. AE

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Ok. It would be great if we could save multiple sets of favorites. So then you could use favorites like banks of tones, each bank consisting of 4 tones in a favorites set.


I do save tones to My Tones. To be honest, i haven't directly used anything returned from a song search. I might start with a song search return as a starting point, but i then always use the Editor to modify it. And then save the edited tone to My Tones.


The issue is that you quickly build up a long list of custom tones in the My Tones page, and there aren't any ways to organize them other than by being clever about how you alphabetically name them. So i was hoping i could use sets of favorites as a way to organize tones into banks for different musical situations. And also as a way to quickly move sets of 4 tones into the 4 tone memories in the amp.


Working with the My Tones list is kind of clunky when playing live. The list is too long to see everything in one page on the ipad, it's easy to click the wrong one when trying to do it while playing, or you click and it doesn't load, etc.


In a jam situation i need to be able to access different presets on the fly depending on what is happening musically in the jam. So i was hoping i could build favorites banks to quickly swap sets of tones into the amp memories as an alternative to trying to work with the My Tones list when playing live. It's way easier to work with the physical tone button on the amp when playing then to try and work with the My Tone list on an ipad. But you have the limitation of only 4 tones there, which is a big limitation. So swapping in banks seemed like a way to have more flexibility.


Of course it would also be great if you could map those favorites set banks using midi to make the switch into the amp. Then i could tie them to a midi footswitch or keys on a midi keyboard.


It would also be sweet if you could map the editor controls to midi controllers. Then i could use the knobs on my midi controller to edit tones live when playing.


If there were visual alternatives for working with your custom tones other than the existing My Tones list, that could also be a viable alternative for accessing tones while playing live. You basically need bigger things to press when working that way on a tablet. And the ability to organize raw material from the long master My Tones list.


Midi mapping could be another alternative. If i could assign midi note on presses to individual tones in the My Tones list, that would also work. But ideally having a master tone list, and then the ability to work with banks of tones in some alternative bank list is probably better. With the midi mapping being in the secondary bank list rather than the master tone list. That way you can have a really big set of custom tones in My Tones, and then organize them into manageable sets of tones for different musical situations.

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Yep, this is a great suggestion for the next App update. Hopefully the app developers are taking note of some very good user generated suggestions such as this as currently the usability of the Amp itself is quite heavily governed by the App. The longevity of this Amp for lots of us I expect is dependant on this - really pleased with my purchase so far (have only had it a fortnight), but want a more from the app already.

Can this post be turned in to an App 'wish list' for us all to add suggestions to if that's cool with Louper? Or I guess we could just start another......


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Back in mid-Feb, an IdeaScale was posted which covers some of the above suggestions.  This idea is now in the "review" portion of the process but to keep this idea moving along -- forum members can help by voting for the suggestion.  If you haven't done so yet, please sign up for IdeaScale and start voting and making your opinion count.


Here's what was posted:


I justed added this topic to Ideascale,

Add more preset tone banks to AMPLIFI

We need more than four presets on the amp to make it more usable during gigs and jams -- I know some of you have mentioned this as well. Please go to Ideascale and vote for this.


Thanks!  AE

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In response to marcoslupo's question, feel free to turn this post into an 'app wish list'.

Obviously the hardware we already own is not going to change, we have to live with what's there. But the software that works with the hardware could be greatly expanded.


In response to iiknowathingortwo's response, i wish you would not be always so quick to shut down people on the forums here when they make what you perceive as a negative comment. i'm making these comments because i think with some additional effort the product can be made much better for more serious players like myself. So i want to provide that feedback to Line 6 by posting about it in their forum. 


The amp has the capability to make some nice tones, so why artificially limit it usability for people. Especially since a lot of the limitations can be addressed in software.


Why is it unreasonable for me to use Amplifi to play music with other people? In an improvised jam situation where i need to be able to access or modify different presets on the fly while playing in real time. We are talking about a guitar amplifier, right?


I might be doing this in my living room. I might be doing this in a coffee house kind of casual performance situation. I might be playing with other people, or i might be doing something solo. I might be just playing guitar or nothing else, or i might be working with a software synthesizer on an ios or powerbook, or i might be using a looping pedal.


When you actually do this, it quickly becomes apparent that there are some usability limitations that could be addressed with additional support in software. What i tried to do with this post is explore some suggestions for options that would make Amplifi much more usable in this kind of musical situation.


Personally, i'm never going to play guitar along to a pre-recorded itunes track. Whether i'm playing with other people, or just practicing guitar by myself. So even if i'm just using the amp for guitar practice, which i think even you would agree is one of it's 'intended uses', when i'm practicing guitar i want to have access to a large range of tones i can grab and work with in real time. I need a way to organize those tones when i'm editing them. And i need a way to access them easily in real time. The existing product is lacking in both of these areas when you seriously get into using it, as i discussed above. Additional software features could improve this quit a bit. Allowing for easier organization and management of custom edited tone presets.


Recording my playing is also an essential part of my guitar practice. And an essential part of any playing i do with other musicians. Amplifi has a usb port that currently does nothing. I will feel a lot better about my purchase when that feature actually starts working. I would expect the ability to record the effected guitar output back into my ipad, or into DAW software on a mac computer.

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Yes you are right, they are being totally irresponsible for not designing it to an individual's need. Companies need to do everything people on forums say or they should go out of business. How's that? All I'm trying to do is stop the incessant bashing of a product that some of us love for exactly the situation they designed it for. How do you suppose that makes "us" feel?


Sometimes it's how it's done. Is it, hey I have an idea that might be cool? Or is it, this product doesn't work the way I want it to, please make MY changes. I have disagreed with some of the ideas, and voted accordingly.

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While I agree there are some ideas presented here that may be outside the scope of this product, I don't think expecting a way to add additional tone banks is unreasonable -- and Line 6 must agree since they elevated the idea to a "review" status.  They also elevated the idea about making Amplifi work with Android.  It seems to me, any sensible suggestion that can be accomplished through software updates is a reasonable thing to discuss and consider.  As Charly has noted regarding a different issue, the way the Amplifi tone-matches are going to improve is for Amplifi users to incrementally improve them; likewise, one of the ways the Amplifi system itself is going to improve is by users providing ideas and feedback to Line 6 about their needs and desires. But as Charly has noted ("Sometimes it's how it's done.") and Louper said ("...the hardware we own is not going to change."), suggestions are best received when they are presented in a civil tone and in within the limits of the equipment.  Additionally, if you wish Line 6 to hear you, present your ideas in the correct places and let us vote on them-- i.e., at IdeaShare.

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  • 1 month later...

Latest version (Updated: Apr 30, 2014, Version: 1.01) available on apps store with following enhancements:

This version brings key user-requested enhancements, including social sharing of tones and local tone matching, plus new features to support AMPLIFi FX100.

• Share tones via Twitter from within AMPLIFi Remote
• Easily search tones on the Line 6 cloud from the main menu
• More easily save preset metadata by choosing from pre-defined values
• Get tone match results that include My Tones, even when offline
• My Tones and Favorites are grouped to improve navigation
• My Tones now include Factory Presets to help start your tone collection
• Expand/collapse groups of tones in your Tone Match results
• Favorites can now be un-favorited
• Numerous usability enhancements
• Bug fixes

• 100 hardware presets, sorted by banks
• UI updates occur in real time between hardware and app

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