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Is there out-of-box solution to control the AxSys 212?


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Hello, I have an AxSys 212. It has gotten relatively little use. The foot switches never lasted long and that is a major frustration. I am looking at $80 or so to replace them all and perhaps purchase extras on top of that. The one supplier that Line 6 provided perpetually shows the switches out of stock as well. I purchased every spring available from a spring supplier. After excessive experimentation it seems that only the exact spring used will work as a replacement. I am not cheap in fact I will cut whatever check it takes to make something happen right. But for this poorly designed switch it seems like any money spent is good money chasing a bad result.


I am not at all familiar with midi. I would like to know if I can hook up a Windows PC or even an iPhone to the amp. Truly I just need to easily switch through the presets with a controller remote to the amp.

I gather from some of the other posts that a USB to midi cable is a fairly generic cable but that communication might require something like the custom software patch that is floating around here. I guess if that has forward compatibility to any cheap say Win 10 laptop or tablet, I would consider that.

I figure (correct all of my assumptions) that I could have an amp builder create a controller and that would probably cost similar to the Floorboard, several hundred dollars. Between that and purchasing two of Boss's latest effects, the controller again would be a poor value to me.


It would kill me to sell this amp off for its current paltry values. I would kill me to throw something a great, highly usable amp into a landfill. It also kills me recalling the handful of gigs I had throughout the years where I nearly put my foot through the floor but could not get the channel to switch.


Thank you for your advice and opinions. I am a technical professional so I understand tech personalities and you will never hurt my feelings. Lay the whole world of truth and opinions on me, that is what I am here for. I greatly appreciate it.

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To replace my Floorboard switches I bought a kit from Amazon that contained 280pcs of 14 different switches. Two of the switches would work fine in the Floorbord, the difference being the height of the button. The actual switch is a 12mm x 12mm x 4.3mm momentary contact or 12*12*4.3H. Do a search and you will find either that switch or an assortment containing them. I paid something like $11 for the 280pc set. There were 20 of each size. If you can solder AT ALL you can easily replace them. You can use a taller switch as long as the button itself doesn't touch the mechanical button if you aren't pushing it down. I would think up to a 7mm tall would work but you need to check your pedal for how much gap there is between the current switch and the mechanical button.


The kit I got is no longer available but if you go to this link, you will see others.


I bought an AXSys212 cheap and found the Floorboard was flaky so I replaced the switches. Turns out the issue was with the chip that handles the front panel and Floorboard switches/pedals (U7). There is an issue with ESD killing the chip because it's not protected. If you plug the Floorboard/LAN cable into the amp first you risk static to the other end killing the chip. I replaced U7 and added the protection diodes. All is well with the world now. I also found the AX2 upgrade kit (ROM, front panel and knobs.)



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A PC and a MIDI box with its app program, to control MID commands through the MIDI I/O, might be useful.

See page 43-44 in the manual. 212 User Manual ( Rev A ).pdf?_ga=2.31186431.1137297927.1638807848-2095709448.1618864301


As far as any mods go,... Line 6 does not support modifications to its products. Any modifications are done any your own risk.


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@awats thank you for all of your time and those suggestions. That is great that you found an upgrade kit too! Wow plug into the FB first? The knowledge here is exemplary, thanks.


@psarkissian  Thank you as well. I will be hunting for an inexpensive software/interface combo and see how that goes. I have a $100 wintablet. Possibly that would work.


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